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About us

Salisbury Urban Ministries (SUM) began in 1992 after clergy and laity met together to develop programs for the community's materially impoverished. SUM became a United Way Agency in 2000 and received the Community Foundation's Richard A. Henson Foundation Award for Excellence in 2001. In June of 2011, SUM received the Kim Jefferson Award for outstanding urban ministry. The Light of Literacy Award was given to Kid's Cafe' in 2018.

Salisbury Urban Ministries is designated as a Maryland Food Bank Tier 1 Strategic Partner

Salisbury Urban Ministries's mission is to develop and implement programs that serve and minister to the needs of materially impoverished people.

our Staff:
Debbie Donaway

Executive Director

Dawn Shores
Jerry Palmer

Lazarus Program Coordinators

Stephon Folk

Kid's Cafe Coordinator

Susan Massey

Office Manager

Kid's Cafe Assistant Coordinators

Jerry Palmer


Bernie Rene

Rev Zac Wheeler - Chairperson        Elaine Kennedy Vice-Chair            

Jay Kitzrow - Treasurer

Carroll Thamert - Secretary

Debbie Donaway - Ex. Director

Anna Marie Blankenship

Maria Carter

Joe Duval

Joe Dykes

Jack Freistat

Mary Freistat

Maggie Fulkrod

Rachel Hesselink

Priscilla Jackson

Sylvia Robertson

Rev Christina Blake

Rev Chris Guy

Rev Vaughan Hayden

Rev Lester Justice

Rev Kyung Mo Koo

Rev SunAe Lee-Koo

Rev Tom Pasmore

Rev Gary Tulak

Parish Council

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